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Visual Inspiration : Sight Psalm
Please Join Us Saturday December 8th @ 6:pm to light the
St. Paul’s UMC Christmas tree,

Sunday School News !!

Our Sunday School room has been beautifully renovated and is anxiously awaiting children to TEACH, PRAY and PLAY in. Please come by and see it. If anyone is willing to volunteer to assist in the classroom, please let us know. Registration is ongoing Contact Sheryl Clark Sunday School Superintendent (718) 227-2485 or email Dawn saintpaulsumc@verizon.net
Message from MAX

Hi, I’m MAX. That’s my name, M  A  X 

What’s your name? I love to hear people call me by name. Does it make you feel good when someone remembers your name? Do you know that God knows your name? God knows my name and God knows your name too! God loves me, and God loves you too! I’d love to meet you and learn your name. Come visit me and my sister, Martha, at St. Paul’s UMC at 10 AM every Sunday.